MusclePharm Armor V Multivitamin

December 31, 2015

MusclePharm Armor V Multivitamin

MusclePharm is well known for their celebrity athlete endorsements, association with Arnold Schwarzenegger and bright green product packaging, but to some, it might come as a surprise that MusclePharm has unleashed their team of scientists on the task of creating a great multivitamin. Perhaps more brands should follow suit as high-level performance is created when hard work meets great nutrition and that means not being deficient in “the little things” known as vitamins and minerals. Armor-V continues with MusclePharm’s clever war based naming scheme (Combat protein powder, Assault pre-workout powder, Re-Con post workout powder) and more importantly, it follows in the tradition of science founded, high quality ingredients that MusclePharm demands of all of its products.

Don’t let the seemingly boring concept of a multivitamin fool you, as Armor-V, like many other multivitamins out there, is focused on providing the nutrients needed to power an active lifestyle and help people get the most out of their workouts. If you think of vitamins and minerals like spark plugs in a car, you can begin to see why missing out on one or two might not kill you, but things certainly run a whole lot better when you’re not deficient.

At first glance the requisite six-capsule-per-day serving size might seem out of place unless you happen to be a racehorse, but when you take a look at what’s inside those capsules, things begin to make sense. Armor-V does a great job using high quality ingredients that cover all of the standard bases for vitamins and minerals, but instead of stopping there, MusclePharm added in fruit and vegetable extracts, probiotics and an omega 3-6-9 blend. While we don’t normally encourage the “more is better” belief system that is so prevalent in the supplement industry, these added ingredients actually complement and round out the nutritional value of the vitamins and minerals in Armor-V. MusclePharm doesn’t cut corners with the ingredients in Armor-V, so adding this multivitamin to your arsenal of supplements just might take your fitness game to the next level.

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