January 02, 2016


Whether you agree with its style of workout or not, CrossFit has had an unimaginable impact on the fitness landscape over the last 10 years. The high intensity workouts that are a mainstay of the brand has helped to push Olympic lifting, jumping rope, rowing and kettlebell use out from the dark corners of hardcore gyms and into the limelight of popular fitness culture. Kettlebells, specifically, have been around for hundreds of years, but only recently with the help of CrossFit have they been under such high demand, and a whole new category of fitness equipment has been spawned: kettlebell accessories.

While 99.9% of big box gyms have at least one rack full of dumbbells, until recently, very few had any kettlebells due in part to both the space they take up and their high cost, which is mostly because of delivery costs when purchased. Enter the KettleClamp. This multi-purpose tool clamps onto a dumbbell and essentially turns it into a kettlebell. While this is a great addition for gym owners and personal trainers who don’t want to have to invest in a whole slew of new kettlebells to sit alongside their already existing dumbbell racks, can this one tool really allow the user to get the same exercise benefits of a traditional kettlebell? We decided to test one to find out for ourselves.

Made of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel and weighing a mere 7.5lbs, the KettleClamp looks more imposing than it turns out to be. The lightness of the aluminum and the simplicity of the clamping mechanism means that you can quickly attach and unattach the KettleClamp from dumbbells of all sizes, essentially giving you unlimited options for all of the standard kettlebell exercises like swings and squats. Despite being made from extremely light materials, the KettleClamp is rated to hold 1,000 pounds without breaking, not that we had anyone on staff that could possibly lift that much to test it.

The handle can unlock and rotate 90 degrees to more comfortably fit in the “rack” position for exercises like push presses and jerks while attached to a larger sized dumbbell, a much appreciated feature for the hardcore kettlebell lifters out there. Something we hadn’t thought of when we first received our KettleClamp was the fact that you can attach this device to a barbell, pull-up bar or any other bar-type equipment, thereby multiplying the versatility and number of uses for this product. For someone looking to add kettlebell exercises into their workout without spending a lot of money or taking up additional space, the KettleClamp just might be the MacGyver you’re looking for.

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