D’s Naturals No Cow Bar Snack Bar

by Allen Gil January 05, 2016 1 Comment

D’s Naturals No Cow Bar Snack Bar

D Katz, the founder of D’s Naturals, has been an entrepreneur since early childhood. At age 12 he started his first Craigslist and Ebay businesses and by the time he was 18 he had founded D’s Naturals and gotten his No Cow Bar into over 5,000 retail stores nationwide. The inception of the No Cow bar came about as D found he was lactose intolerant and whey protein-based bars weren’t an option for his fitness lifestyle, so after doing some research and determining there weren’t any other viable options on the market for people who shared the same lactose intolerance challenges, D decided to develop a solution.
The No Cow Bar uses a combination of pea and brown rice proteins, a smart combination as together the amino acid profiles blend to create a complete protein source, comparable to whey or casein protein. The bars use isomalto-oligosaccharides, a type of prebiotic fiber to bolster up the fiber content and provide a little bit of the sweetness to the flavor profile. Roasted cocoa nibs, almonds, sea salt and monk fruit round out the whole food based ingredients that make this bar a quality source of nutrition, instead of being just a jumble of macronutrient numbers like a lot of other bars on the market. We will warn you, there is an unusual mouth texture when eating a No Cow bar, as the pea and brown rice protein blend isn’t milled nearly as finely as whey protein is, but once you get past the gritty texture, you’ll find these surprisingly filling, tasty and an all around great choice for your on-the-go snack needs.


Most people keep a few protein bars tucked into their gym bag or in the console of their car as a snack in between meals, so if the bar has too many calories it might push you over your daily caloric needs and if it has too few, it probably isn't worth you time and money. Our scientific standard sets the bar at 200 calories and the No Cow Bar comes in at a cool 160 calories, so they make a great snack on the go no matter what your goals are.


A 12 bar box of No Cow bars has a MSRP of $33.48 which comes out to $2.79 per bar, putting it at the high end of the spectrum for cost. Taking into consideration that No Cow bars use high quality, whole food ingredients helped to raise the value score to a 6.


The No Cow Bar rolled out into production in march of 2015, so the fact that it is already found in over 5,000 retail store locations is a strong indicator that people really like this alternative to the standard whey protein bars.


We think the most important quality of a great protein bar is that it is made from whole food sources and the nice thing is that the folks at D’s Naturals obviously think the same way. The very short ingredient list on the label is predominantly whole foods that are easily recognizable which is why we gave the No Cow bar a score of 6 here. The processed sugar alcohols and prebiotic fiber kept it from a higher score.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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May 17, 2016

I just tried D’s Naturals, No cow bar, and I am amazed at how great this tastes. I have tried them all, protein bars. I recently became a plant based eater, and saw these at my nutrition store. I am so glad there are no ingredients I don’t recognize! I truly recommend this to everyone, not just those with aversions. It will satisfy any craving, and keep you feeling light!!

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