MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Fat Burner

January 12, 2016

MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Fat Burner

If you have never heard of Iovate Health Sciences International before, don’t feel bad because not many people would recognize that name in a lineup. How about Xenadrine, Six Star Pro Nutrition, MuscleTech and Hydroxycut? If those are ringing a bell, it’s because the Canadian manufacturer has been the #1 selling bodybuilding supplement brand in America since 2006, and with distribution in over 80 countries, it’s one of the most prominent sports nutrition brands worldwide.

With humble beginnings in 1995, Iovate started in the direct-to-consumer mail order business with only three products: Creatine 6000-ES, Acetabolan, and the original Hydroxycut formula. Now, 20 years later with a new and improved formula, Hydroxycut still remains one of MuscleTech’s top selling products and can be found in thousands of retailers across the nation.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite combines six dynamic ingredients in their formula to ensure they are optimizing every aspect of their fat-burning product. Muscletech has packed each serving with 270mg of caffeine combined with green coffee extract, forskolin, theobromine and yohimbine. Coleus forskohlii, a subtropical root extract that is standardized for what is known as forskolin, works synergistically along with caffeine to yield better fat loss results than either ingredient on its own. The thermogenic and appetite suppression qualities of these ingredients are what the fat loss consumer demands, so Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite makes sure to deliver. With all of it’s popularity, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite has managed to maintain a high quality product for a reasonable price which is why we ranked this product at the top end of the spectrum with our Core4 algorithm.

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