7 Tips for Avoiding a Hangover (That Really Work!)

by Chris Miquel January 13, 2016

7 Tips for Avoiding a Hangover (That Really Work!)


  • Break the evening down into three phases: pre-drinks, while drinking and post-drinks; there are specific tips for each phase!
  • Remember that drinking less is the only way to lessen or avoid a hangover, and there’s no way around that.


1. Eat a filling, healthy dinner.

This is the best place to start to set you up for a great (read: not terrible) night of drinking. Make sure your pre-outing dinner has plenty of protein, fiber and fat. The combination will keep you full and slow the absorption of alcohol, thus, mitigating the hangover effects you’re likely to feel the morning after.

2. Plan to leave by 2 a.m.

Nothing good happens after 2 a.m., except on rare occasions. Period.

While Drinking

3. Alternate alcoholic bevs for water with lime.

The best defense is a good offense. Make sure to bookend each alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic one that still keeps you involved in the drink-ordering process. The lime will give it some flavor and keep you interested in hydrating.

4. Set an exact limit for the number of drinks you’ll be consuming.

Set ground rules for yourself and commit to them. If you know your boundaries, it’s easier to stay within them rather than playing it by ear and letting your intoxicated self decide when enough is enough… because that girl doesn’t know when to quit.


5. Hydrate with coconut water the next morning.

Skip the Gatorade in favor of a natural, lower sugar source of hydration. This will help you stave off the hangover dry mouth that hits us when we just don’t feel like we can drink as much water as we need without puking.

6. Try a hangover smoothie.

Spices like cumin, tumeric and cinnamon have anti-inflammatory properties and may even help digestion. Consider spicing your usual protein shake up with one of these choices for nutrients and an added kick.

7. Make eggs for breakfast.

Science says the yolks in eggs are great at helping your liver break down alcohol, thanks to the amino acid cysteine. Plus, a balanced breakfast to get your body back on track is always a good idea.

Original Article: Your Guide To Avoiding A Hangover: What To Do Before, During & After Drinking Alcohol, MindBodyGreen.com, 12/11/15

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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