Build Powerful Quads and Hams with the Bodybuilder Leg Workout

by Chris Miquel January 15, 2016

Build Powerful Quads and Hams with the Bodybuilder Leg Workout


  • "Leg day"—the very phrase conjures up images of nausea, days of hobbling, and legs that feel like jello. While most workouts start with some variation of the squat (widely acclaimed as the best lower-body movement,) exercise choice, foot position, and advanced training techniques all allow you to emphasize one particular area of the legs over others. That's great if you want to thicken up your quads, fill out your glutes, or beef up your hamstrings because of a weakness, or simply because you want to prioritize an area for a length of time.

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This workout incorporates variation and advanced training techniques that hit multiple joints from all different angles.

Exercise 1

Dumbbell Overhead Bulgarian Split Squat

The benefits to this one are seemingly endless. You get the benefit from a unilateral exercise, overhead exercise, core activation, and you get to look awesome doing it. How To: Standing tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, grasp a light dumbbell in one hand straight overhead with your palms facing each other. Place one foot in front of you and the other behind you on a bench. Lower into a lunge until your front knee forms a 90-degree angle and your back knee is a few inches above the floor. Pause, then raise to return to the starting position.

Exercise 2

Kettlebell Swing With Flip to Squat

The kettlebell swing with flip to squat builds power and explosiveness in the hips and lower body while also building coordination and strength. How To: Hold a kettlebell in both hands with palms facing toward you and feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Allow your arms to hang straight down in front of your body so the kettlebell is hanging between your legs. Lower into a squat and swing the kettlebell upwards, standing simultaneously. At the top of the swing, release the kettlebell from your grip, flipping it over in your hands. Allow the kettlebell to complete one full revolution before catching it in a standing position. Holding the base of the kettlebell, perform a full squat while holding the kettlebell in front of your chest. Push back to standing and return the kettlebell to the starting position.

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Exercise 3

One Leg Extension With Angled Crunch

Put a new spin on those routine leg extensions. The one leg extension with angled crunch isolates your quadriceps while giving your torso a workout of its own. How To: While sitting in a leg extension machine, adjust the roller so your ankles are resting underneath. Perform an extension with your right leg while twisting your obliques as you bring your shoulder over your left knee. This completes one rep.

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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