What is Switchel and Should You Drink It for Energy?

January 17, 2016

What is Switchel and Should You Drink It for Energy?


  • Switchel is a drink made from apple cider vinegar, ginger root, maple syrup and either water or seltzer. It’s gaining in popularity as a unique and refreshing beverage, but some claim it has energizing properties.
  • There is nothing in this beverage that is scientifically proven to give you more energy, but if you like the flavor and the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger, brew it up.

Switchel isn’t just popping up at hip farmer’s markets in hipper parts of town, it’s making rounds on the web as an alternative to coffee and energy drinks. The libation is part apple cider vinegar, part water or seltzer, maple syrup, ginger root and any other juices (or alcohol?) that you’d care to add to it.

Without any actual energizing properties, like caffeine, it’s not fair to call it out as an alternative to your usual cup o’ Joe, but reviewers say it is refreshing, and ginger certainly does have anti-inflammatory properties, so we say give switchel a go if you’re looking for a morning alternative to java.

Original Article: I Tried Switchel and I’ll Never Drink Another Energy Drink Ever Again, Shape.com, 1/2/16

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