6 Crucial Workout Tips to Become a Badass Fit Chick

by Chris Miquel January 22, 2016

6 Crucial Workout Tips to Become a Badass Fit Chick

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  • Decide whether your goals are performance or aesthetic-based; do you want to bench bodyweight plus or just look like you can? Both of these are perfectly fine goals.
  • Focusing on “problem areas” is more likely to cause injury than to improve them; concentrate instead on your overall body composition.
  • Cut out junk in your diet, period. Now is not the time to derail your fitness efforts with crap nutrition if you’re serious about your goals.

Without a doubt, female gym-goers have rocked pop culture and destroyed numerous stigmas about girls who lift in the past year, but too many of us still remain in the dark about how to build muscle and maintain a lean physique.

Here are six of the primo rules to doing just that. No filler, just honest advice from female fitness powerhouse Pauline Nordin:

1. Beginners should NOT attempt a body-part split routine

Establish a solid foundation in your weight training before moving on to sessions that require multiple exercises to fatigue one muscle group.

2. Fuel your body for muscle growth

You can’t expect to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time; it just isn’t physically possible. Eat to grow your muscles… and see rule #5 below.

3. Do not focus on problem areas

Not only will this cause you to fixate on a negative, which is mentally draining and encourages negative inner dialogue, it’s more likely that you will cause overuse injury to your “problem” area if you overtrain it. In the end, you’ll have busted your ass—literally?—for very little improvement.

4. Put in the time—period.

Adding muscle to your frame is an exercise in commitment. You can’t skip too many days or you won’t get what you’re after. In this endeavor, it’s better to just punch the clock regularly, whether your workout bores you or it’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done.

5. Don’t be afraid of [muscle] weight gain

As mentioned in #2, building muscle requires calories, which means you have to eat more. The foods you consume should be high-quality proteins, clean carbohydrates and filling fats, but all the same, you can’t operate at a caloric deficit and expect your body to build muscle tissue out of thin air. Calm down if the scale goes up at first; you can always shed fat after you build.

6. Vary your training after you see results

This journey is a lifelong one. Even after you start to see the physique of your dreams emerge, it requires dedication to a healthy lifestyle (in some form) to maintain. Typically, you’ll want to keep your workouts varied to keep yourself interested, which is only more incentive to keep training.

Original Article: Ladies: Make 2016 the Year of Muscle!, Bodybuilding.com, 12/30/15

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