Is Your Posture Sending the Wrong Message?

April 12, 2016

Is Your Posture Sending the Wrong Message?

We’re all guilty of slouching at times. Especially those of us with desk jobs that sit for 8+ hours a day.  P.S. doctors recommend no more than 3-4 hours of sitting per day.  (Get a standing desk!)

But besides discomfort and a lifetime of spinal misalignment, how else can poor posture have a negative effect on your life? By contributing to everything from routine miscommunication to potential employers passing you over because of a terrible interview. 

Why? Because of a little something called body language, ladies and gents. We’re all familiar with the concept—crossed arms hint at a closed-off mindset, eye contact is tied to confidence—but there are more nuanced aspects of body language that it can benefit everyone to master.

Want to live a drama-free life full of successful first dates and tons of professional deal-sealing? Follow along with our infographic.


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