Mobility At Your Desk Part 2

by GYFT Shop July 11, 2016

Mobility At Your Desk Part 2


The “Mobility at your Desk” series was created to help people stay mobile when they are at work.  In this 10 week tutorial we will take you through 10 parts of the body that will only take 10 minutes a day to mobilize!  


This week we are tackling an area of the body most people don’t think about mobilizing; the tricept!  The tricepts are a major source of tightness and tension for both sedentary people and athletes- you just don’t realize it!  We suggest beginning with the Level 1 Acumobility Ball and advancing to the Level 2 Acumobility Ball when ready!

WHAT YOU NEED:  2 Acumobility Balls, oil (optional)


  1. Single Ball Tricept Release:  Lean forward with your tricept contacting the ball.  Apply downward pressure on the ball as you work from elbow up to the shoulder.  When you find a tender spot or trigger point stop on that point and move your arm through range of motion.

  1. 2 Acumobility Ball Release:  Place the 2 Acumobility balls together to create a Vise.  Place the tricept between the balls and work from elbow up to the shoulder applying downward pressure and moving the arm through range of motion.  

  1. Advanced Release with Oil:  Apply a small amount of oil (any kind) on the top of the Acumobility Ball and on the tricept.  Then work from elbow to shoulder applying downward pressure as you slide the muscle over the ball.

MOBILITY TIME:  2 minutes Total including - Forearm and Tricept

*Always consult a physician before beginning a new exercise, massage, mobility regimen.

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