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World's-First Wearable Activity + Muscle & Body Fat Percentage Tracker

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InBody Test
Heart Rate
Activity tracker

The best part of using this tracker was actually seeing the results in terms I understood. FAT LOSS. MUSCLE GAIN.

Justin M., Entrepreneur and DAD

Never being overweight it was always hard for me to know the impact of my workouts. The InBody Band shows me exactly that.

Michael Mann, Teacher

I can finally see the real gains I'm making in turns of my muscle growth and fat loss.

Yanelin, Crossfit Enthusiast

Your Progress is Greater than the Sum of Your Steps

InBody BAND is the world's first wearable device that tracks Activity (steps, heart rate, calories, sleep) and measures your body's Muscle & Body Fat percentage. Now you can get the power of InBody's $20k technology, on your wrist for less than $200 and track your results on the InBody app.

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Buy Now $179

Limited Quantity Available