Our Story

Our company was founded by THESE GUYS,* a motley crew deeply rooted in the fitness and wellness industry, yet still just regular people making a conscious effort everyday to get their FIT together. What brought this unlikely team together, you ask? A shared passion for helping others on their journey. And THAT, my friend, was the seed from which Get Your Fit Together was born.

At Get Your Fit Together, we work hard to empower a fitter, healthier, happier YOU! Our team of fitness and wellness experts scour the inter-webs and keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry in order to bring you only the best (and coolest) FIT out there.

This might be your first attempt to get your FIT together, or it might be your 100th, but either way, you’re not alone on your journey! Our team of fitness and wellness pros deliver an industry-leading customer experience aimed at helping to hold you accountable.

Simply put, we do the heavy-lifting (pun intended) so you can focus on TAKING ACTION & GETTING RESULTS!

To helping you keep FIT simple,

Your GYFT Family

*These Guys