Fit 15 Mat


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Category: Armasport, Fit 15, mat

Type: Exercise Mats

Vendor: Armasport

  • Fit 15 Mat

    ArmaSport® mats offer two-fold protection: for your personal health and for the environment. They are free from hazardous phthalate plasticizers and aggressive triclosan. They do not contain latex – a benefit for all those who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to latex. Due to their closed-cell structure ArmaSport® mats do not absorb moisture. The sanitized treatment provides reliable, permanent protection against bacteria and fungal growth, without the use of triclosan. The mats are sweat- and salivaproof and are easy to clean with water.

    • Free of phthalate plasticizers, latex and triclosan.
    • Sanitized coating to protect against germs and odors; resists sweat and saliva.
    • Measures 48" x 24" (Length: 48" Width: 24") Body 15 mats are 0.6" thick and feature grommets.
    • Available in black, blue or red.