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Category: BSN, N.O-Explode, Preworkout

Type: Pre-Workout

Vendor: BSN

  • N.O-Xplode

    BSN’s NO-Xplode Pre-Workout Igniter is just what you need to break through plateaus and take your workouts to the next level. BSN’s own proprietary Thermic Energy blend helps give your workout the explosive intensity you want from start to finish. N.O.-Xplode is scientifically engineered to boost energy, enhance endurance, and maximize performance during your training. Push yourself to new heights with BSN’s top of the line pre workout optimizer. Mix one scoop with 4-6oz of cold water and consume 20-30 minutes before training. Do not take more than 2 scoops at a time or in 1 day. Approximately 200mg of caffeine per serving. WHILE MIXING N.O.-Xplode, DO NOT SHAKE, Stir powder with utensil.