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Category: BSN, Protein Powder, Syntha-6

Type: Protein

Vendor: BSN

  • Syntha-6

    BSN has put together what they call an “ultra premium protein” in Syntha 6. Not only does it cover all of the bases for being a great protein supplement by fortifying their flavorful whey powder with with additional BCAA's, muscle sparing glutamine peptides, heart-healthy medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and just for good measure they threw in 5 grams of fiber for improved digestion and increased nutrient uptake. When it comes to hitting the gym and getting the best results possible, you want to make sure you are taking a whey protein powder that not only supports your goals with great nutrition, but also goes down smooth and that is where Syntha 6 really shines. A wide variety of delicious flavors and true spoon-only mixability means even on the go, you can get the protein you need to build stronger and more powerful muscles.