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Category: crossbell, lifting, Weights

Type: Hand Weights

Vendor: CrossBell

  • Get the variety of the gym, in the comfort of your home.

    The CrossBell System can be used to perform kettlebell, dumbbell, and barbell exercises with a few simple modifications. The system is compact and lightweight to give you all the benefits of using different exercise equipment, without the cost.

    3-in-1 weight set and training system

    The CrossBell is a breakthrough fitness system that targets every muscle in your body. Lose weight, build lean muscle and improve your performance with this patented 3-in-1 weight set and training system. The CrossBell is hollow so you can fill the unit to your desired level of resistance. Water provides enough weight for even the fittest people. Work with one weight your entire workout — no need to dump out or fill up the unit when you change exercises! As you get stronger you can increase the amount of weight you use.

    The CrossBell System includes:

    2 CrossBell units, 1 CrossBell bar, 2 clamps, and 4 DVDs