Eclipse Roller


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  • The Eclipse Roller is the ONLY all-in-one foam roller/trigger point release tool ever made!

    The team over at ACU-Mobility have redefined what a foam roller can be, and created one that will transform the way you approach mobility whether you are an elite athlete or just want to move better. With 4 zones of compression and 5 pressure strips, the Eclipse Roller targets multiple muscle groups at the same time to dramatically reduce rolling time. Target muscles and angles you have never been able to reach before!

    The Benefits of the Eclipse Roller

    1. Improved Muscle Elasticity & Length
    2. Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility
    3. Reduced Muscle Soreness
    4. Trigger Point & Knots
    5. Faster Recovery
    6. Enhanced Performance

    Why We HEART ACU-Mobility

    Innovative products created by an expert team of movement specialists, clinicians and elite athletes that hurts SO good! We all know foam rolling and trigger point release aren’t the most “pleasant” activities but the benefits far outweigh the pain and with their all-in-one tools reduce the amount of time spent to achieve benefits.

    About ACU-Mobility

    Brad Cox and Dr. Sonia Pasquale are the co-founders of ACU-Mobility and develop products and educational content based on their daily interactions with both novice and elite athletes including: Olympic and world-class Runners, Triathletes, Power Lifters, Elite Crossfitters and Professional Strong Men. They are experts at maximizing performance and minimizing injury and we couldn't be more excited to partner with them to bring you their innovative products!