Frog Fuel

Liquid Protein (24-1.2fl oz packs)

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  • Frog Fuel

    Only Frog Fuel has this unique blend of enhanced amino acids to benefit the whole body. So while lean muscle mass and top performance improve rapidly, Frog Fuel also benefits bones, joints, skin and hair, the immune system, digestion and many other metabolic and biological functions.

    Is this an energy drink?

    Yes, but not the way you’ve probably come to think about energy drinks. Standard “energy” drinks have virtually no nutritional value. Frog Fuel delivers significant protein and the right nutritional blend at a level of quality so high that the FDA recognizes it as a qualified medical food.

    Is this only for athletes and body builders?

    No. While some of the most elite athletes and highest-level competitors see tremendous gains with Frog Fuel, any active man or woman who takes their fitness seriously will benefit from this unique protein formula.

  • Benefits: It’s a new and superior way for active people at all levels to get the protein they need for sustained peak performance, lean muscle growth and repair, and ideal nutritional support for stronger bones and joints, and healthier, more radiant skin.
    Styles: Regular, Energized, Ultra, and Ultra Energized
    No unhealthy fillers: Streamlined formula has no sugar, no fat, no carbohydrates, no gluten, no lactose and cholesterol!