Kid's Fun Fitness Bundle - Rower

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Type: Kid's Fit

Vendor: Get Your Fit Together

  • Kids Fit Bundle Fit Parents


  • Our Kid’s Fun & Fitness Bundle set includes all the equipment your little ones need to stay active and healthy. Their very own rower, weight bench, and dumbbell set gives them the opportunity to follow right along as mom & dad do their workout in the garage or to stay active while watching their favorite shows.

    The multifunction rower allows your little ones to burn some energy and build muscles while having fun. Afterwards, they can join you for a session with weights that are adjustable and made of dense foam for safety. There’s no need to worry about dropping these on the floor (or toes).

    With this equipment set, your little ones will have a fun and exciting way to stay active, healthy, and happy.

    Our Kids Fun & Fitness Equipment Set gives your kids the opportunity to burn off some extra energy and spend more time with you in your workout of the day. Make it family time and teach your children the importance of exercise and healthy habits. Plus, it’s stinking cute!
  • Includes: Rower, Weight Bench, Dumbbell Set
    Spend Time Together: It’s tough to fit your workout in while watching your kids, but with their own gym, you can do your sweat sessions together. With kids, love is spelled T-I-M-E.