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Category: ACU-Mobility, massage

Type: Massage Kits

Vendor: ACU-Mobility

  • So What is the ACU-MOBILITY Ball?

    The ACU-MOBILITY ball is an all-in-one tool for mobility and stability exercises as well as recovery enhancement. It is designed with a non-slip base that can be gripped or supported against a flat surface, while a patent pending flexion point allows the ball to isolate and maintain pressure on a specific spot deep in the muscle. This controlled and isolated pressure allows you to fire and release the muscle while on the ball to neurologically retrain it to move more efficiently, while enhancing range of motion and muscle elasticity...a technique the team over at ACU-Mobility calls Active Mobilization.

    ACU-Mobility Ball Benefits

    - Improved Muscle Elasticity & Length - Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility - Helps Re-pattern Faulty Movement Patterns & Improve Athletic Performance (when coupled w/ active mobilization exercises) - Increased Circulation & Oxygen Transportation to the Muscle - Reduced Muscle Soreness - Trigger Point & Myofascial Release

    About ACU-Mobility

    Brad Cox and Dr. Sonia Pasquale are the co-founders of ACU-Mobility and develop products and educational content based on their daily interactions with both novice and elite athletes including: Olympic and world-class Runners, Triathletes, Power Lifters, Elite Crossfitters and Professional Strong Men. They are experts at maximizing performance and minimizing injury and we couldn't be more excited to partner with them to bring you their innovative products!

    Why We HEART ACU-Mobility

    Innovative products created by an expert team of movement specialists, clinicians and elite athletes that hurts SO good! We all know foam rolling and trigger point release aren’t the most “pleasant” activities but the benefits far outweigh the pain and with their all-in-one tools reduce the amount of time spent to achieve benefits.

  • Levels:

    Level 1 Ball (orange) is the go-to ball for trigger point release and stability exercises and is firm enough for most deep pressure release.

    Level 2 Ball (blue) is significantly firmer than the Level 1 Ball and is meant to be used for extra deep pressure and release. It is also a fantastic hand-saving tool for practitioner use during Massage, Active Release and Trigger Point work!

    Color: Orange