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  • Combat Powder

    Sometimes when you go to war at the gym, you want to know your whey protein supplement has got your back. All that hard work you put in is sure to give you amazing results when you include Musclepharm’s Combat Powder in your arsenal. A precision engineered protein matrix, Combat Powder is the ultimate timed-release protein super-food. Combining multiple types of proteins into one container gives you the best of all worlds in one convenient package. Throw on digestive enzymes that aid in the breakdown and absorption of the key muscle-building proteins you’ll find in Combat Powder and you have got yourself one serious muscle building weapon. Smooth mixability and delicious flavors almost seem like overkill when you add them on top of this scientifically designed protein supplement. When it’s time to get the best results of your life, you know Musclepharm’s Combat Powder will be there to support you as you battle through each and every intense workout.