RockNRoller Foam Roller


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Category: foam roller, RockTape

Type: Foam Rollers

Vendor: RockTape

  • RockTape’s RockNRoller

    RockTape's newest mobility and stretching equipment line takes a new spin on traditional myofascial release. The RockNRoller Foam Roller was designed by industy professionals with a unique Fascial Fingers™ roller pattern to better stretch out knots and tense muscles. These smooth ridges also provide a range of pressure options that temper rolling intensity based on your preferences.


    Not only does the RockNRoller Foam Roller assist with pre- and post-workout muscle recovery, but the end caps screw off to offer internal storage for balls, bands, wallets and car keys. A convenient carrying strap is included for easy transportation to and from the gym. RockTape's staff of rehabilitation doctors and medical professionals have created the Movement Manifesto, an instructional booklet containing revolutionary rolling theories and methods to assist members with foam rolling techniques. This fold-out poster is full of information about common problem areas, as well as the most effective methods for releasing muscle tightness while increasing flexibility.