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  • Fitness data you'll actually use

    Unlike activity trackers or wearables, SMART ROPE uses the mechanics of your workout to create accurate, relevant data you'll actually use to get better. Magnetic sensors in the handle track each full revolution of the rope as 1 jump, instead of monitoring generic motion.

    Smarter, more fun, more immersive

    As a standalone device, SMART ROPE creates a fun, addictive fitness experience that keeps you going. Paired with our SMART GYM mobile platform, you'll stay motivated as you train with our recommended interval sessions, unlock awards, and compete with your friends.

    The Evolution of a Classic

    SMART ROPE's award-winning design is perhaps the first real evolution of this classic fitness device. Premium form and function result in a smooth, effortless motion from two sets of ball bearings in each handle, with the rope housed at a 45 degree angle to ensure natural movement.

  • Size: W30 x H150 x D30 (mm)
    Color: Chrome/Gold/Black
    Rope Length: XS : 228 cm (137 - 147 cm tall)
    S : 243 cm (152 - 163 cm tall)
    M : 258 cm (165 - 175 cm tall)
    L : 274 cm (178 - 188 cm tall)
    XL : 287 cm (191 - 201 cm tall)
    Weight: XS : 294 g
    S : 301 g
    M : 308 g
    L : 314 g
    XL : 317 g
    Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 LE two-way communication with smartphone
    LED: 23 X 5600K color tmemperature LED

    Full Charge in 2 hours
    36 hours of use
    Lithium Polymer battery
    *Micro-USB Charger not included*