Performance Massage Starter Set


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Category: massage, Trigger Point

Type: Massage Tools

Vendor: TriggerPoint

  • Massage Those Aches and Pains Away

    You don’t need to be a professional athlete or have a degree in kinesiology to know that the ability to move one’s body freely and without pain is an essential part of maintaining a quality fitness routine. The Foundation Collection is the introduction to self-care through deep tissue massage. Designed to guide any user, this kit comes with the essential premium equipment and instruction that combines the complexity of biomechanics with the simplicity of massage into a program.

    How It Works

    Applies deep-tissue self-massage and myofascial release at trigger points. Ideal for pain treatment of feet, Achilles tendon, shins and other lower leg muscles. Made from patented material that mimics the human hand. Safe and gentle. Set contains: TP FootBaller, TP Baller Block and T2 Massage Ball. How-to instructional pamphlet included.